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Oh Deer! Original Collage

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Ah, a beautiful white tail deer.  They are a sight as I walk through the woods.  We have a lot of deer here in Ohio.  So much so it is a controversy about what to do about the population.  I know they are the source of many road accidents and they tend to eat bushes, trees and hostas in peoples yards, but I tend to lean on the side of letting nature be.  What to look for in this collage is a dachshund, french bulldog, horse, an ice cream cone shell, a brass pheasant, a shoe, a watch, the words, "drive slowly" and much more.

Original:  Size: 24x30x1.5 inch in a black floater frame

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  • Original artwork is created from magazine pages and glued onto a stretched canvas topped with protective layers of acrylic and varnish for UV protection. The collage is framed in a black floater frame, extending the size about an inch. The collage is signed. A Certificate of Authenticity is attached to the back with the inventory number, details of materials, and care instructions.


  • The original will be ready to ship in 3-5 business days. It is mailed in a box via USPS, or FedEX, or hand delivered if within Northeast Ohio. 


  • GET FREE SHIPPING on the Original!  Available to U.S. lower 48 only.  Contact me before you purchase and I'll email you a code to use during checkout.


  • Please Note: The purchase price is for the physical artwork and does not include permission for the copyright.  The Artist retains the copyright and reserves all reproduction rights. It may not be reproduced in any manner without the express written consent of the Artist.


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