Since many of you have asked for workshops, that has become my goal in 2019. I will list in-person workshops and online workshops on this page as I add them.  In the meantime, check out my ebook and my one class on Udemy about art and craft festivals.

Ebook: How to Create Collages Using Magazines

How to collage art


Udemy video class:  Art and Craft Festivals: A Practical Guide for Beginners 

As I try to figure out how to put a class online, I decided on Udemy to host them.  This is my first attempt at a class so I can learn how to use their system.  This class is for artists and crafters interested in doing art and craft festivals.  My next few classes will be on the collage process, stay tuned for those.  

In this class, you'll learn:

  • How to set yourself up as a business with a vendor's license and insurance.
  • Resources for research on festivals and demographics.
  • How to choose a tent or canopy that right for you and ideas for your display.
  • How to set up a pop-up tent by yourself.
  • What to expect the day of the show including show etiquette, security, and customers.
  • A method for evaluating your sales and compare them to other shows.

Over one hour of information with resources, graphics and shots of me setting up a tent.  (It was a windy day, which was a challenge with the sides as you will see.)

"I sure wish I had had a course like this before I started exhibiting!!  Love the fact that you can write notes as you go along, and refer back to the bits that concern you invaluable resource I would say with an incredible amount of detail about things to be aware of, so WELL DONE!! FIVE STARS!!" - Jackie R. - U.K.