CreativeRise Payment Page

Welcome to CreativeRise!

Please Note:  If you have stumbled upon this page without being accepted into a show, please visit CreativeRise.Net to apply to a show.  

Refund Policy:  Fees are nonrefundable.

Questions? If you have any questions, please send an email to Deborah at with "CreativeRise Question" in the subject line.

Descriptions of Shows

  • CreativeRise Virtual Art Fest
Video Art Festivals that are posted over a specific weekend.  Download the Video Guide after payment to help you prepare for the show. Be sure to like our vendor page on Facebook to get updated info leading up to the shows.  Select one or three art fests.
  • CreativeRise One Click Posts

Individual photo posts with a direct link to your online store with the specific product.  One Click posts are posted weekdays throughout the month. This is an ongoing show, participate at any time.  Select one or three posts.  Limit 10 posts per artist per month.

  • CreativeRise Live Shopping Event

A live shopping experience with 2-6 artists.  Because of the limited number of participants, we will provide you with a direct link for payment if selected.

 Select the show you wish to participate below.