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Below are the collages that are on display at Western Reserve Hospital. Originals and the large framed prints need to stay on the wall until November 30th. To purchase an original or the large framed print, please contact me.

Prices for Originals and the Large Framed Prints:

  • '65 Mustang, size 36"x24"   $1800
  • Come Fly Away (Butterflies) size 36"x24  $1800
  • Oh Deer!  size 24"x30"  $1400
  • Piano, large framed print (original has been sold)  $250
  • Guitar, large framed print  $250  Please note: the original of this guitar is not on display at WHR, but is available.  Size 16"x20" $800 

Giclee prints of the collages are available from $45 to $75, depending on the size and can be ordered online below. If you would like to pick up the print from WRH to save on shipping, please contact me before ordering online.