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Kids Collage eBook

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Kids Collage eBook

This ebook is designed specifically for children, using inexpensive materials like cardboard and glue, and coloring it by pasting magazine paper.  It's a simplified version of my style of collage. I do recommend some adult supervision for younger children because they may need some guidance, help with their drawing, and encouragement.  There is no right or wrong way to do this, so have fun and be creative!


  • What materials you will need to compete this project.
  • Step by step instructions on how to draw a puppy.
  • The colors to look for in magazines.
  • How to paste magazines paper and fill in the lines.
  • How to complete your collage.

This downloadable PDF is 35 pages and includes a puppy template for those who don't want to draw their own puppy and want to fill in the lines. This ebook is 9.4MB

After making a puppy collage, try a flower, butterfly, kitten, ice cream cone and more.  I have templates available here for one dollar each.

*For more advanced, professional instructions for adult artists,  see my online workshop and my ebook on How to Collage.