Become a Patron of an Artist

Become a Patron of an Artist

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My Why

I'm new to this whole crowd funding thing, but I've had people ask for a way to support my art.  I tried Patreon, but found it difficult make new videos weekly of my work and still find time to actually create art.  As I deleted the page, several followers inquired about how to continue to support my work.  I’m very flattered and I truly appreciate it.  

What I'll Do with Your Support

Any funds I receive will go to supplies, creating online classes (at some point), applying to more art shows and perhaps even traveling to shows outside of my local area. 

How Much?

Your generous support is a one-time donation.  Everything counts, even $1.  You'll also receive discounts if you support me with a few extra bucks, please see below.  

What Do You Get?

$1 to $5 Support Level - Knowing you supported a living artist who's work you like and would like to see more of in the future.  Also, you will have my deepest gratitude.

$10 or $15 Support Level- This is very kind of you, thank you.  You'll get the same as above, but I'll send you a 5% discount code to use on my website for any ebook or print.

$20 or $25 Support Level -I truly appreciate your generosity.  As an extra thank you, I will give you a 10% discount code to use on my website for any ebook or print.

$50 Support Level - I'm blown away by your generosity.  Thank you so much.  I will send you  a 20% discount code to use on my website for any ebook or print.

$100 Support Level- All I can say is wow, thank you!  You must really like my art.  I am beyond flattered and appreciative   No only will you have my gratitude, but I'll send you a free, 8x10, unmatted print of your choice as an extra way of me saying thank you.  I'll email you once I get notification of your donation so you can select your choice of print.

Thank You!