Akronist Story on my Recycled Magazine Collage Art

For me, it’s so difficult to see and hear myself on video.  Actually, I think it is for just about everyone.  In my case I had extra anxiety.  I had a double jaw surgery a couple years ago.  I think I now look “weird”, like my bottom jaw was chopped….and it was!  I don’t look like the me I always knew.  I imagine I’ll get used to the new look in time.

Recently, the Akronist, a website featuring compelling stories about people and events in the greater Akron area, did a story about my collage art.  As a professional videographer, I always try to calm down people I interview before the shoot.  Now I know how much your nerves can act up when the camera is rolling.  Needless to say, it was difficult for me to watch, but Chris Miller and his crew did a great job with the story and the putting together the video.  I’m very appreciative that Chris took an interest in my art and wanted to do a story about it.  You can read the full story below.

Akron collage artist

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