My Collage Art

  • Collage artist Deborah Shapiro in studioAs a collage artist, I like the saying, “There’s more than meets the eye”, because there is more to all of us than what you initially see.  My collages are painted with ripped and cut bits of paper from magazines, which are layered between coats of clear acrylic and finished with an acrylic varnish for UV protection.  From a distance, you see the subject of the artwork while close up, you will find a myriad of detail.  Often words are scattered throughout that pertain to the overall theme.  The main subjects of my art reflect my love of animals and the everyday experiences that comprise my middle-aged, mid-west suburban life like coffee, wine and flowers.

  • I stumbled onto this style after having a major jaw surgery in 2013.  Looking through magazines as I recovered,  I was drawn to the colors and started to think about how I could use that as “paint”.  After making my first few collages, I was addicted.
  • Prior to creating collages, I was a corporate videographer for over 35 years and created less than ten pieces of art over that period in oils and acrylics.

The Personal Stuff

  • Artist Deborah Shapiro with her dogsI live in Bath Township, Ohio, which is near Akron, Ohio, with my cameraman husband, two dogs and a cat.  All are rescues, except for the husband.   I love to hike in the Cleveland and Akron Metroparks and the Cuyahoga National Park, love to travel, love animals and love the simple things in life.





News Media

Collage artist in news