Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty… What to look for in Krazy Kitty

Even though my cat is getting older, he still gets the crazies.  He runs full speed in the house, stops for a second, stares at me with his crazed, wide eyes,  lets out a meow/growl, then takes off again full speed.   This usually lasts for about five minutes once a day.  We say he’s got the “crazies” and affectionately call him Krazy Kitty.

For this piece, I spent a lot of time searching and found a bunch of high contrast images to help represent the craziness.  You will find parts of sweaters, dresses, scissors, clocks, wrenches, and even a roulette table.  For his nose, you will find a pink purse.  In the whites above his brow, you can read snippets from an article I found on rescued cats.  Plus, there is part of a dollar.  Can you spot Ben Franklin?

Limited edition prints for sale:

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