Images in “The Drunken Artist”

Images in “The Drunken Artist”

What I love about the leg series is that I can tell a story with each one.  “The Drunken Artist” is the second piece I did in this series.

Artist and wine drinker artwork

What inspired me for this one, were all the invites I seem to get to participate in a Canvas and Wine party.  It’s those parties where 20-30 people get together and paint a picture as instructed by an artist, all the while imbibing on a beverage.  As an artist, I know I can’t drink and paint.  I would not be able to concentrate and that would impact the painting.  So, this image shows me, with a glass in my hand and a paint brush in the other.  Paint is dripping off the brush, congealing on the floor.  That’s what would happen with me, drinking wine and carelessly drip paint everywhere.  I probably should have added a dab of paint on the dress too.

I like to find a lot of random images for the artwork.  Here’s what to look for:

  • For the hair of the brush, I cut out a section of a model’s blond hair.
  • The heel of her shoe is a tomato.
  • The buttons on her dress are from a chandelier, plus a chandelier can be found in the white part.
  • The words, Bombshell and Refine Sexy, appears in the chair.  Its what she thinks of herself when drunk.
  • A famous dress designer’s body is in the glass.
  • Rolling Stone’s Keith Richard’s hand is holding a cigarette.
  • Two watches are placed approximately where her nipples would be.  Weird, I know.

Special order, limited edition, hand signed 16×20 prints are available.

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