May Show at Lakeland Jurors Award 2021

May Show at Lakeland Jurors Award 2021


May Show at Lakeland 2021 Jurors Award Winner Deborah Shapiro

I'm very honored to receive a Jurors Award at the May Show at Lakeland, a juried art exhibition at the Gallery of Lakeland in Kirtland, Ohio.  It had over 400 entries, with 114 accepted into the main show.  Another 80 works will be displayed at Stella Art Gallery in Willoughby, Ohio.

The collage I entered is titled, "Monarchs in Flight" and is 36"x48" in a black floater frame.  I was inspired by an experience I had several years ago, before I was making art.  I was walking in my backyard when a butterfly landed on me. I looked up and saw about 30 butterflies dancing above my head.  It was such a beautiful, magical sight.  This was on the same day I got approval for a much needed jaw surgery.   Butterflies represent metamorphosis and that is what I had.  Not only a corrected jaw, but also becoming an artist.  I have been inspired to make several butterfly collages.

In this collage, look for images of a tiger, gems, clothing, watches, rooms and more. For their heads, I used the grill and headlights of vintage cars, which give them more a bug look.

The show runs from May 20th through July 9th, 2021 at the Gallery of Lakeland, 7700 Clocktower Drive, Kirtland, OH.  For prints of this piece, please see here.

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