Meaning of images in “The Widow”

Meaning of images in “The Widow”

I enjoy making art that has some meaning behind it.   Of course, not every one of my works has deep meaning.  Sometimes a cute dog is just a cute dog.  Usually, I get the opportunity to add words or images, that only have meaning to the owner of the painting, when I do commissions.  I find that when these items represent something special, it gives the work another layer of interest.   Currently, I’m working on a legs series, which allows me to tell a story within each one.   Let me explain “The Widow”, the fourth in the series.

I imagine this lady to be a widow, hence the black dress and shoes, and she’s at her husband’s funeral.  In her right hand, she’s holding a handkerchief to wipe her tears, along with her husband’s wedding ring.  In her left hand is a calla lily.  A yellow calla lily represents gratitude.  For her, it means she’s grateful for the life her and her husband had created.  The one one the ground is his gratitude for her.  The clocks in her shoes signify time they spent together.  For the background, I took photos at Akron’s Gothic cemetery, Glendale and printed them for this piece.  You’ll find statues of angels, gravestones and mausoleums.  A few of the phrases I purposely included are thoughts she may be feeling.  You’ll find, “Changing the future”, “state of mind”, and “your life”.

“The Widow” is 18″ x24″ and is painted with magazine paper and photos, finished with an acrylic layer and varnish for UV protection.

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