The Making of a Fox Collage

The Making of a Fox Collage


For full details on how I create collages using magazines, check out my online workshop and ebook.

Whenever I draw a person or an animal, I always start with the eyes.  I know I should draw out the basic shapes first, but for me, if I don’t get the eyes right, the drawing doesn’t work. 

This is a challenge for me working with torn paper art.  I need to work from the background to the foreground.  Often the eyes are the last part I work on.  It really bugs me as I look at the empty stare of the sketched eyes while I’m pasting paper elsewhere.

You can see in these photos the progression on the collage I call, “Foxy”. I start with a sketch.  In this case, I tried different compositions.  Once I like the drawing, I transfer it to the canvas and get to work.

Fox Drawinng







fox collage backgroundCollage process of foxFox face collageFox sitting Collage

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