What kind of coffee drinker are you?

What kind of coffee drinker are you?

I recently read an *article about a study that showed people who drink their coffee black have similar personality traits to psychopaths.  Psychopaths…whaaaat?  So, I was inspired and thought it would be interesting to add a little extra meaning in my collage painting of coffee cups.

Coffee Drinkers collage

In this collage, each cup shows a different shade of coffee with embedded words that exemplify the personality of the person who’s drinking it.  Here’s what to look for:

Coffee with cream and sugar.  I imagine this person to be upbeat and perky, even at 6 am.  I know a couple of people like this.  I avoid them first thing in the morning.  You will see the words: Happy, Sweet, Blabbermouth, Perky, and Extrovert.

coffee with cream and sugar

Black Coffee.  This person, according to the article of course, has issues.  Most black coffee drinkers I know are men.  I’m not judging or suggesting that they are psychopaths here, just stating a fact in my little corner of the world. Words to look for are: Grumpy, Psychopath, Anti-Social, Bitter and Impulsive.

Black coffee art

Finally, coffee with a dash of milk.  That’s me.  The words represent how I feel before I get my first sip of coffee in the morning.  It’s best not to talk to me until I consume a full cup.  Words to look for are: Aloof, Reserved, Sleepy, Detached and No fuss.  You can see part of the word of Quiet, but it got a little covered up during my ripped paper frenzy.  Apparently, I had drunk too much coffee the day I worked on that part of the collage.

coffee cup art

Which kind of coffee drinker are you?

*To read the story about the black coffee psychopaths, see here  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/black-coffee-psychopath_us_561baf08e4b0dbb8000f150f

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