Wilma, Our Beloved Cat

Wilma, Our Beloved Cat

Torn paper art of calico cat

Our sweet calico lived to be 17 years old, pretty good for a cat.   My husband, Mark, already had Wilma, before I moved in with him. That’s something that attracted me to him , his love for animals.  Wilma was a very affectionate cat with a beautiful, long, silky, coat.   She adopted me right away by taking residence on my lap and purring up a storm.  Years later, on the night before she died, she climb onto my lap and fell asleep.  I didn’t want to move her.  Her body was so frail at this point and we knew she wouldn’t be around much longer.  I slept all night on the couch in an effort not to disturb her.  She died the next morning.  My heart aches when thinking about losing a beloved pet.

Mark, who is also a pretty good photographer, shot a photo of her several years ago while she sat in the sunshine that was streaming in through the window on a cold winter’s day.  I always loved that photo.  So Wilma became the subject of my second collage that used magazine paper as paint.  For my early collages, I cut every piece.  Now, I mostly rip the paper.

Some my art looks better when seen from a distance.  I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing.  “Wilma” is one that looks better from a distance of ten feet or so.  The right side gets a little funky close up, but makes sense farther away.

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