Dog, Cat, and Horse Commissions

Dog, Cat, and Horse Commissions

First let me say, I don't accept too many pet commissions.  The reason is that it's hard to really capture a beloved pet via magazines.  There is an abstract quality to my work, so you don't get that exact likeness as if it was an oil painting. Plus, I have a number of projects going on and my time is limited.  I try to select projects that I think make good subjects using nothing but magazines as the medium.  That goes for all commissions, not just collages of pets.  So should I turn down a commission, I'll explain why I don't think my style would be a good fit.  It's nothing personal, I want us both to be happy with the collage.

When someone asks me to do a collage of their pet, I first ask to see a photo of the pet to determine if I can do it justice.  If I think I can, then I like to take a photo or explain the type of shot I need from the person to use as the portrait.  We discuss words, names and dates that can be hidden in the piece to make it even more personal.  I've used photographs, names, dates, maps and even adoption papers.  So that the original is not destroyed, I use a digital version of the item.  At that point, I get to work.

Here's a few custom collages that I've done.

Dog collage made from magazines by artist Deborah Shapiro

custom dog portrait black dog collage from magazinesHorse portrait by artist

Commission Horse Art by Akron Artist Deborah Shapiro

Collage art by Akron Artist Deborah Shapiroblack and white cat collage

I took a photo of this Basset Hound when I shot reference photos of horses out at a barn and decided to do a collage of him.  He was bought as a gift for his owner.  Since it's not customized, I do sell prints of him.  Otherwise, I usually don't sell prints of commissions there is an exception.  For instance the owner of the horse above, titled LUCK, operates a non-profit that involves horses and children in urban areas called Leg Up for Cleveland Kids.  We agreed to sell prints that benefit the charity.

basset hound art print

If you are interested in a custom piece, I'd be happy to discuss it.  Contact me via my contact page.

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