Online Class: Learn How to Collage using Magazines

Work with me as we create a collage from magazine paper.  You can work at your own pace, in this on-demand, 1.5 hour video course.  We will be making a collage of birch trees, which is a good exercise to experiment with blending colors.  This process can be applied to any subject you choose.  
Online Workshop  Mixed Media Magazine Paper Collage via Udemy
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  • Work at your own pace.

Learn how to make a collage without paint, using only cut and ripped magazine paper.  Work with me as I put together a collage of birch trees.  In this course, you will learn:

  • What magazines to use.

  • The supplies you'll need.

  • The process of planning out your collage.

  • How to work with paper:

    • What paper works best.
    • What to expect with the colors.
    • Tips on blending colors.
    • Learn to paste.
    • How to avoid wrinkles and air pockets.
    • How to cut your paper.
  • Learn how to protect your finished collage.

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This class can also be gifted to your favorite artist.  To do so, once you navigate to the Udemy class and click on "Gift this Course".  A link to the course will be sent to lucky receiver on a day of your choosing.

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