How the 2017 Total Eclipse Impacted My Art

How the 2017 Total Eclipse Impacted My Art

The Eclipsian, collage about the 2017 Eclipse

Meet "The Eclipsian", number 6 in my leg's series.   Here's the story on this collage:

The 2017 Total Eclipse happened on the same day as our 13th Anniversary. So, we drove to Nashville to experience it and stayed with friends. The day before the big event, we did a little sight seeing and found musicians everywhere, in bars, on the street, and even in a small town, grocery/restaurant type of place, way out in the country (represented by the guitar). That evening, we sat on our friend's back porch and drank wine (represented a wine class).

They live out in the country, so the cicadas chorus was almost deafening. At one point, a huge leaf hopper landed next to me on the wicker couch. It had to be about 5 inches long. Apparently, all bugs are enormous in Tennessee. I got up close to see it because its delicate wings were so beautiful. Their dog, a hound mix, walked up next to me. I thought, how sweet that a dog is interested in other living creatures. He then opened his mouth, and to my horror...crunch! He ate it whole! That evening he proceeded to eat any bug that landed on the deck. He must have eaten at least 15 huge bugs. They said he does that all the time. So, the cicada, on the leg of the chair, represents all those bugs that lost their lives that evening.

The Eclipse the next day was an incredible sight. Something everyone hopefully gets to experience one day. Once it is in Totality, its just awe inspiring. The background of this piece has lots of circles representing the eclipse, along with the date and a couple little words here and there to represent our trip. I call it "The Eclipsian" because the town was invaded with people traveling to view the Eclipse and that's what locals called us. One last thing, traveling back to Ohio was a nightmare with all the people on the road. To represent that, you'll find an image of highway with cars in the guitar.

Prints available soon.

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