What are the Three Bad Habits?

What are the Three Bad Habits?

Collage of womans legs

This one was the first in my leg series and the one that had inspired me to make more.  You can see how my artistic style has evolved since I created this collage. I used mostly solid pieces of color, compared to the crazy bits of paper I currently use.  You’ll notice that all my work has two visual layers.  One is the overall image and then the second is the details you see when you look close.

The overall image in “Three Bad Habits” is a woman sitting with her legs crossed, drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette.  I imagine this woman to be a thirty something and a bit materialistic.  The three bad habits?  First is coffee.  Don’t get me wrong, I love coffee and yes, I’m addicted.  Unfortunately, coffee raises your blood pressure.  Which is something us older people have to watch.  Next is smoking.  I never smoked, but we all know how bad that is for your health.  Finally, is crossing your legs.  I do it…we all do it, but you can develop varicose veins, it can lead to blood clots and it too raises your blood pressure.

For the secondary images, you need to look close at the details.  You can see:

  • “Toxic Cancer” on the cigarette.
  • the letters LIES on her nails holding the cigarette, implying that she’s lying to herself regarding her habits.
  • in the coffee cup, you see 34-year old, the age i think this woman to be.
  • the letters, CURE, on her nails holding the cup.

In the background, you’ll find words or phrases related to her disposition:

  • It’s not an indulgence
  • My routine is anything but routine
  • asking for anything I want
  • wanting it all
  • I want
  • stubborn
  • material girl
  • girls have fun
  • black book
  • available
  • real life happens

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